What Is Your Niche

In the competition for trillions of dollars in Baby Boomers’ retirement accounts, every major insurance and financial company has come forward with their version of the Hybrid Annuity. Each has tried to satisfy a need of the retiree.

What the investor needs to decide is:

  • How long do I let my account grow before I take income?
  • Am I investing for future income, immediate income, or income after a year, or just want it to grow tax-deferred for a legacy to my heirs?
  • Is it important that some form of disability help is available should you need it?
  • Do I select my product based on the Maximum income they can guarantee?
  • Am I willing to choose a product that has no guaranteed increase in income if it potentially can produce better income than a guaranteed plan?[remember your payments are guaranteed for life no matter what]
  • Do you only care about the level of income produced on a lifetime basis or would you take a little less if the account value was maintained longer for cash and/or legacy purposes?

Once you have decided what is important to you, we search for the companies that cater to your Niche and compare plans to determine which will perform best for you specifically.

Top companies are begun offering various styles of FIAs, also called Equity Indexed Annuity (EIA)